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Advertising on Google

Google is the biggest and best way to advertise your service or product, because they drive the vast majority of the internet’s traffic. Through channels such as YouTube, organic search results, and AdWords Ads within Google search results there is no better way to compete in your field. With a combination of SEO (Search engine optimization) and paid advertisements.

Some of our services

  • Google AdWords campaign creation and maintenance.
  • Get immediate targeted search engine traffic and customers from your AdWords campaign.
  • SEO Services (search engine optimization) to increase your organic search rankings in Google and other search engines. We’ve helped numerous clients achieve top search result positioning within Google!
  • Have potential customers call you instantly from Google search results on their mobile phone.
  • We can ensure your Google Maps listing is top quality, and that customers can find all of your information easily
  • Content creation for your website

Search Engine Results

  • Get found for local search keywords.
  • Increase visitors from Google competitors such as Yahoo and Bing.
  • Analyze how customers are using your website with Google Analytics, and have detailed reports sent to you.
  • Measure cost-per-lead and ROI from your search marketing

Advertising on Facebook

We’re able to help you:

  • Create a cusom Facebook Business page
  • Target specific groups of people using a Facebook ad campaign.
  • Advertise any and all specials to subscribed fans
Facebook is great for marketing because it’s targeted, cost effective and we will provide all analysis and interpretation of how your ad is recieved.

Marketing on Facebook will:

  • Make your business well known in your area
  • Create a list of people that have opted in and are loyal to your brand just by giving away small rewards such as gift cards.
  • Create a direct line of communication between you and your customers.
  • Create new business opportunities with complementary businesses in your area
  • Drive fresh and new traffic to your existing website

What we do:

  • Facebook Fan page setup
  • Frequent updates, as many as you need.
  • Graphic design to make the page stand out against all others
  • Provide all photos to make your business look as polished as possible.
  • Facebook Ads and Ad copy
  • Assistance with fan base growth and management
  • Creation of all content and Feed posting
  • Delivery of analysis through consultations
  • Analysis of target demographics

Why is Facebook Advertising a Viable alternative to Traditional Ads?

  • There’s more than 500 million people on Facebook
  • Targeted ads will genereate legitimate interest in your business
  • Creates a new type of relationship with your clients; a barrier free one.
  • Allows you to target by Country, Province, City, Gender and Age (and even interests!)

Using all of Facebook’s newest tools, we’re always up to date on all of the changes that they make and know how to get your business noticed.

Facebook is an amazing business opportunity for all businesses. With that many members that many of which check their Facebook daily, it’s a no brainer why many businesses choose to advertise. Quark Creative will help you create a compelling and targeted presence on Facebook using Fan Pages and Ads (and a few other tricks up our sleeves!) We have years of experience in:
  • Ad copy
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Interaction with customers with Promotions, Contests and Polls
  • Attracting your targeted demographic
  • Compelling reasons to click through to your existing website
  • Monitoring your brand’s reputation through messaging and feedback from customers

Business, Group or Fan Page?

There are different ways to market yourself, your brand or your company on Facebook. Sometimes, multiple are necessary. Local Business, Public Figure, Organization, Group or Fan Page. In this department, our services are as follows:
  • Assiting you assess what type of page would suit your or your business best.
  • Assisting you set up your Facebook group, business or fan page incuding all images, biography, store hours, maps and anything else.
  • Regular updating of Facebook page, with links to current promotions on your website, relevant news articles and contests when necessary.
  • Creating compelling video introductions or commercials targeted at your selected demographic.
  • Commenting on the feedback and updates of your fans and followers
  • Creating Facebook Events and inviting the targeted demographic.
On top of all of that, Quark Creative will help you create an effective cost per click campaign for the selected Facebook presence. With our experience in advertising with Google’s advertising campaigns, we can use those techniques effectively translated to Facebook’s Ads. Do you want more information? Contact us right away and we’ll help you build the campaign that’s correct for you and your business.

YouTube Advertising

We start from scratch: your vision and our video expertise can create compelling and trustworthy videos to promote your company. We can do everything from the ground up or take your ideas and make them into effective and attractive commercials. Let us find the talent, or use your own employees (or even yourself!) to star in your new video ad campaign on YouTube.

Here is an example of a video we created that’s instructional in nature however is also a promotion for a store and brand. It offers the customer useful and cleanly presented information as well as promoting a certain brand name and business:

When a new and anticipated product was about to come out, we were able to create social media hype for it (with 144,000 views!):