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Web Design

How much is my website going to cost?

Here’s some numbers that will give you an idea of the costs involved:

Domain Name $10-$20 per year
Hosting $150 per year (depending on services)
Custom website design & deployment 100+ hours @ $30 per hour
Maintenance $75 per hour depending on tasks
Advertising Starting at $200 per month plus ad costs
Graphic Design $30 per hour or flat rates per projects
Contact forms $300 and up
Galleries $250 to $500
Setting up Analytics Starting at $250 depending on custom reports
SEO for individual site Starting at $300
Social Media overhaul and management Starting at $200 per month
Google Apps for Work $5 per month per user

Our steps for creating your website

  • Initial consultations and getting to know what you want out of a website
  • We research your industry and competition
  • We provide a written proposal and list of all proposed website features within a contract
  • You provide a small deposit with the signed contract so that we can begin working on your site
  • We begin interface drawing and design, then send it to you as a mock-up of the final website
  • You let us know if you like the mock-up, or if you want it revised
  • Once you approve, you provide a 50% deposit of the total estimated website cost
  • We begin coding to the specifications agreed upon in the contract. This is the longest step.
  • We then begin content creation and insertion, or you may provide the content yourself
  • We then put the website onto a CMS such as WordPress (optional)
  • Phone training and documentation manuals (optional)
  • We will show you the final website, and then when you’re satisfied you provide the remaining cost so that we can put your site live on the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

So what’s your ballpark estimate?

The majority of our websites that we design, develop, and host for small businesses start around $4000, however this can vary depending on the complexity of the site.

Some things that affect the cost of a website:

  • Is your site brand new or are we redesigning an existing site?
  • Do you need a blog or the ability to edit the website yourself? (a ‘CMS’ or Content Management System, such as WordPress)
  • Are there already graphics for the website or pre-purchased stock images?
  • Do you want the website to resize automatically for cell phones and tablets?
  • Do you need us to write the content for the website?
  • Do you want to sell things on the website? Implementing a shopping cart with products and a payment processing is time consuming.
  • Who will look after and maintain the website after it’s launched? Your hosting fee only covers the cost of the server and electricity.

Why do I need to maintain my website?

If your site is 1 page that never changes, you likely don’t need any maintenance.

If your site is built on top of WordPress and has advanced functionality with the use of things like plug-ins, then suddenly you need to maintain the site. Complex code needs to be maintained to patch security issues and squash bugs.

Maintenance is something that most people forget to budget for, usually because they think it doesn’t matter. What this results in is a site that is vulnerable to hacks, or simply slowness and unexpected downtime.

Expect to pay around $200 per month to keep us on call for maintaining your website. This covers 10 minutes a day, which adds up to 5 hours a month. If you also require new images, new content or extra features every month, then we will provide you with a personal quote based on your specific needs.

Can I have the FTP password for my website?

Sure, as long as you have paid for your website.

How will you bill me?

We send out invoices in the first week of the month. You can pay by cheque or credit card.

Why do I have to give you a deposit?

Because we have had clients that request work, and then cancel the project after we had put dozens of hours into it. Now imagine several clients doing this at the same time. Suddenly we have worked for weeks with nothing to show for it! Your deposit guarantees that we can keep the lights on and continue working on your site.